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Ziaur Rahman
Aug 03, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
The operation found that the quality of video A is excellent, but due to various reasons, the video playback volume is too low; if the playback volume cannot be increased, it is easily recognized as a low-quality video by the system, and the recommendation weight is reduced; after the recommendation weight is reduced, the exposure rate of video A is reduced, It is difficult for ordinary users to reach it; it is difficult for ordinary users to reach the "treasure video", which will further lead to the inability to play the video. This forms a negative closed loop. At this time, the operation can use the "interactive mobile number list data intervention strategy" to put 10,000 fake views and 5,000 fake likes for the video for one day. After the launch takes effect, the distribution system recognizes that the video's interactive data has grown rapidly in the last 24 hours and has the potential to explode, and it will recommend the video to the video homepage and today's top rankings. Ordinary users will try to watch the video when they see the video on the homepage and rankings, and find that the quality is very high, and give generously; the real interaction data of the video therefore grows rapidly and continuously, and finally the real interaction data of the high-quality video matches its quality. Over the embarrassing situation of "treasure no one knows". The audience gets a high-quality viewing experience, the up owner gets revenue, and the platform gets user data growth, a win-win situation.
How to design a data intervention strategy?
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Ziaur Rahman

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